Monday, July 18, 2011

That's Mine: personal property and leaving home

Youth leave home for a variety of reasons: Sometimes youth are kicked out by their parent(s), other times they may leave because of abuse, neglect, or excessive conflict. Sometimes they would just rather live somewhere else. It is a stressful time for everyone involved...and things can get even more stressful when youth try and get some of their belongings back from their parents. 

Regardless of the reason you have left home, you have the right to the return of your belongings. This includes your clothing, books and I.D.

Comic by JFCY volunteer Adrianna

There are many legal issues involved when youth are leaving home, including various age-based legal rights and responsibilities. For more information, please see the JFCY pamphlet called "Leaving Home":


  1. This is so good. If the child used it in the home, i.e. bed, television set in their room, then they need to know that is theirs to take with them. Way to go. Everyone that sees this can pass it on to youth who can pass it on to their peers.

  2. We agree that it is important for youth to know their rights! But I must clarify: youth do not have the right to EVERYTHING that they USED at home, if those items were also used by others. For example, they can't take the kitchen table and the family computer. But they can take their iPod and hockey stick, if those items were purchased for them specifically.