Tuesday, July 19, 2011

JFCY Youtube Filming Day - Sana'

Hi, my name is Sana' and that was basically my first line as a narrator. :) I got involved in this "motion picture" because my sister, Chalak, works at JFCY and recommended that I volunteer because I really love Acting and Drama. Originally I was an extra and a friend of mine was supposed to be the narrator (a.k.a. STAR) but he couldn't make it and I have to admit that I'm a bit glad because doing all of this has been a lot of fun. This whole thing has been an amazing experience for me. :)

And please give a lot more respect to the actors you see on TV because filming is not easy and there are a lot of takes and bloopers, trust me, I know now. :$

If you like drama, acting or just need volunteer hours get involved with JFCY and their projects because it's a lot of fun getting to know different people, experiences new things and all the free pizza you can eat! (please don't only come for the food though, ;]

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