Wednesday, August 18, 2010


  • You- Anytime
  • Your parents - during your case and sentence
  • Police and court - if you are charges with another offence before your record is destroyed
  • Government employers - for security checks
  • Sometimes your record may be given to people in charge of supervising you or for safety purposes. Examples are school officials and youth workers.

If you think someone wants to see your record illegally, contact a lawyer right away.

Youth Court Records: Includes charges, assessments, pre-sentencing reports, convictions, and sentences.
Police records: May include any arrests, suspected criminal activity, convictions, fingerprints, photographs, 911 calls, interviews, witness and victim reports. The police can check these records any time.

This area of law is complicated. If you have any questions consult a lawyer. Who to Contact: Lawyer referral service: 1-800-268-8326 Justice for Children & Youth:(416) 920-1633 (GTA)or1-866-999-5329

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