Thursday, May 24, 2012

Focus Group for Survivors of Sexual or Gender-based Violence

JFCY is not involved in this Focus Group, but is helping the Youth Alliance Project (YAP) to spread the word.  Below is a copy of their posting. 


What:  a focus group about sexual assault, reporting to the police and healing from violence which will be led by youth facilitators and will use participatory research activities.

One of our main goals throughout the focus group is to gain first hand knowledge/experience from survivors who have experience with reporting crimes of sexual or gender-based violence to the police which includes (stalking, street harassment, intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, rape and workplace sexual harassment). This is vital to the process of informing policy and creating resources geared towards addressing the needs of the survivors which is why we are looking to hear specifically from individuals who have been through the reporting process/justice system.

**note that confidentiality will be respected at all times as no one’s names will be used in the zine, furthermore if anyone doesn't want us to use something they say in the focus group they have the right to tell us and we will fully respect their decision**

Who: young women/women who are survivors and live within the GTA, ages 16-29

Where: 246 Sackville Street (main intersection- Parliament Street & Dundas Street East)

When: May/29th/2012 from 6:00pm-8:00pm

Why: to help us make a resource booklet for geared towards young people who have experienced sexual assault to understand the process of reporting to the police and what other options they have to address the violence and take care of themselves

           (We will sign off on volunteer hours for focus group participants and bring snacks)
              Participants will receive $40 for their participation and TTC tokens are provided

The Youth Alliance Project (YAP)began in 2008 and is a youth-driven collective focused on issues of sexual and gender based violence experienced by Toronto youth. We work to strengthen the capacities of youth to advocate for improvements to our city’s existing approaches to addressing this form of violence, build our own capacity to support young people including ourselves and create resources that reflect youth-driven strategies.

****Each participant MUST register before attending the focus group and keep in mind that space is limited, so for more information or to sign up please contact*****

Consultations Coordinator: Ice Musceo at or by phone at 416-392-3135, thank you.

JFCY is not involved in this Focus Group, but is helping the Youth Alliance Project (YAP) to spread the word.  

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